This Strategy sets out the Western Cape's Government’s commitment to:

  • Leading the response to climate change in partnership with other spheres of government, research institutions, industry and the community
  • Planning and adapting now and into the future to minimise possible adverse impacts of climate change and to position the province to take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Focusing on water as our already-scarce resource that is extremely vulnerable to climate change impacts
  • Developing renewable energy and energy efficiency options and minimising our greenhouse gas emission levels
  • Continuing to improve our knowledge of the impacts of climate change
  • Informing and involving our industry sectors and the community to ensure they are better able to adapt and respond to the challenges associated with a changing climate.


The Strategy promotes a strategic outlook as well as practical actions, land use and development planning based on a risk management approach and a culture of innovation to capture opportunities. It aligns with the goals established through the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Western Cape and will provide a sound foundation for future climate change responses in the province. Read more.