Building on the 2008 Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the Western Cape, the updated Strategy is newly aligned with the National Climate Change Response Policy and geared to strategically direct and mainstream climate change actions and related issues throughout relevant Provincial transversal agendas.

In line with the National Climate Change Response Policy, the Strategy takes a two-pronged approach to addressing climate change: 

  • Mitigation: Contribute to national and global efforts to significantly reduce GHG emissions and build a sustainable low carbon economy, which simultaneously addresses the need for economic growth, job creation and improving socio-economic conditions.
  • Adaptation: Reduce climate vulnerability and develop the adaptive capacity of the Western Cape’s economy, its people, its ecosystems and its critical infrastructure in a manner that simultaneously addresses the province’s socio-economic and environmental goals.

The Strategy is a coordinated climate change response for the Western Cape Province and will guide the collective implementation of innovative projects as well as the search for opportunities that combine a low carbon development trajectory with increased climate resilience, enhancement of ecosystems and the services they provide, as well as economic growth and job creation. Read more.