The main aim of the framework is to make the Western Cape the lowest carbon province and leading green economic hub of the African continent.

Framework principles

The framework argues five principles that drives its focus areas and choices of actions: Market focused, Private Sector-driven, Public Sector-enabler, collaboration and inclusion.

Key drivers and opportunities to move towards a greener economy are:

  • Less resource intensive living, working and consumption patterns: Green buildings and building environment, waste-to-energy and waste as a resource and buying local.
  • Reduced resource intensity of mobility and smarter mobility systems: Improved public transport, efficiency in private transport, clean energy
  • Enhanced water and biodiversity preservation and expanded infrastructure: Ecosystem restoration and management, mariculture, tourism, biodiversity management, conservation education and sustainable harvest
  • Enhancing the competitiveness and resilience of our agricultural and food economies: Sustainable agriculture, Energy efficiency cooling and storage options, water saving technologies, benification of waste, food security, aquaculture, climate-related agricultural research and development, globalized value chains and expanded markets
  • Establishing the Western Cape as a globally recognised centre of green living, working, creativity, business and investment: Green economy financing and investment center, green economy corporate governance and legal center, social¬† enterprise and manufacturing processes
Framework Enablers

Enablers identified that are key to unlocking economic opportunities are:

  • Infrastructure: Energy (natural gas & Concentrated Solar Power), water, ICT, transport and logistics infrastructure
  • Rules and Regulations: Incentives and disincentives, carbon pricing and green procurement
  • Knowledge & Innovation: Knowledge hub, regional innovation system, indicators and measures
  • Capabilities: Collaborative institutions, a skilled and capable workforce
  • Finance: Infrastructure investment, information and industry-related investment

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