Agri-Processing Supplier Development Programme (Western Cape)

The Agri-processing Supplier Development Programme aims to facilitate the development of businesses with growth potential in the agri-processing sector. Businesses will be developed through a structured process – business turnaround or business improvement – to ensure upward movement in the value chains of the agri-processing sector and its associated value chains.

The Programme will focus on improving the competitive position of businesses in terms of scale and efficiency, which will improve their ability to service new and existing businesses opportunities. This will be achieved through focused business development support services, by means of a full business diagnostic, an implementation strategy, and the implementation of agreed upon interventions.

The Programme also offers non-financial support to qualifying businesses in order to:

  • prepare businesses to access market opportunities);
  • expand and grow existing operations with the aim of contributing to job creation; and
  • enhance productivity and competitiveness.

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