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Exploring current and emerging irrigation and drainage management to reduce the impact of extreme events and mitigate droughts and floods WRC, 2019 berg river catchment; climate change; local economic development 
Lower Olifants River: Economic Impact Assessment of the 2017/18 Drought WCDoA, 2018  drought; decrease production; job losses; agriculture value chain
Managing Water as a Constraint to Development: How will climate change impact agricultural water requirements in the Berg WMA? GreenCape, 2018 constrained catchment; value per drop; jobs per drop; marginal value of water
The optimisation of electricity and water use for sustainable management of irrigation farming systems WRC, 2017 reducing electricity cost; improving water use productivity; increasing profitability
Application of water footprint accounting for selected fruit and vegetable crops in South Africa WRC, 2017 crop water requirements; efficient water allocation; efficient water use
Improving the water use efficiency and profitability of wine grapes WRC, 2016 drip irrigation strategies; canopy manipulation
Monitoring soil salinity and waterlogging using satellite images WRC, 2016 good management; data accuracy; time savings; cost savings
Working for Water programme  DEA, 1995 local communities; job creation; environmental conservation