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Status Quo Review of Climate Change and Agriculture in the Western Cape Province

Phase 1 of the SmartAgri project (August to December 2014) focused on the compilation of a comprehensive Status Quo Review of climate change and agriculture in the Western Cape. The primary product of this phase is a Status Quo Review. The report is available to the sector in draft form and serves as a valuable knowledge source. Several climatic trends were identified which are already impacting on the sector, such as increasing temperatures and reductions in the number of rainy days. Future climate projections were interpreted by taking into consideration the highly diverse agro-ecological conditions across the province and through a strong focus on the main crop and livestock commodities.

The Status Quo Review is a critical component of the SmartAgri project as it informs the development of the Climate Change Response Framework and Implementation Plan. The Review goes beyond the assessment of climate change responses in agriculture. It also engages in the assessment of risk and impacts of specific commodities and agro-climatic zones in order to provide a detailed understanding of the response gaps, needs and opportunities. A total of 23 agro-climatic zones across the Western Cape Province was assessed. The Review was based on in-depth desktop study, the findings from two stakeholder workshops held in October 2014, and interviews with experts. It is intended to become a practical tool that aids the decision-making of the stakeholder groups and government agencies in their day-to-day and long-term decision-making. A range of publications are being developed for dissemination to farmers, policymakers, agricultural organisations and researchers.

Smart Agri Status Quo Review 2016

Executive Summary: English / Afrikaans / Xhosa