Title Publication details Key words

Boer so biologies in boord

 Landbou.com. 2018  ZZ2; Increase in soil carbon; Decrease in water and nitrogen application; Increased yields 

Biological wine farmer achieves twice regional average yield

 Farmer's Weekly. 2017 Increase production volume; Decreased inputs; Albrecht system

Biological farming ensures dairy farm’s success

 Farmer's Weekly. 2017 Soil organic matter; Minimum tillage; Soil coverage; Farming with nature
Conservation Agriculture in South Africa: Lessons from Case Studies  Grain SA, Mahlathini Organics,   KEL Growing Nations Trust, UP.   2015 Conservation agriculture; Farm-centered innovation systems; Soil health; Land degradation

Biological farming – it works for them!

 Farmer's Weekly. 2013 Dairy farming; Albrecht system; Soil health