Rising energy costs are driving many organisations to consider renewable energy generation to improve their business’ energy supply and security. However, before making large investments in renewable energy generation technology, it is important to consider going through numerous prudent steps. The first is to do an energy efficiency audit to see where savings in energy consumption can be made. Sometimes there are low-hanging fruits - where making simple adjustments to processes or through changing some equipment, large savings can be made at relatively low costs.

After an energy audit has been performed (and implemented) there are still plenty opportunities in terms of renewable energy generation.

  • Solar Energy (Description)
    • Generating electricity via solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, with or without batteries for energy storage
    • Solar water heating: producing hot water for consumption or to supplement processes that require hot water
  • Wind Energy (Description)
    • Farmers are well-versed in the use of wind turbines for pumping ground water and for milling
    • Wind turbines can also be used to generate electricity, with turbines as big as 3MW available
  • Biogas and biofuels (Description)
  • Hydro Power (Description)
    • Small hydro power stations can be used as energy storage during time of low usage and low tariffs from the municipality, then used to generate energy when needed, especially in peak times or in times of outage.

If you require more information on this topic after you have decided what energy source to use, or if you are struggling to make a decision, visit some of the useful sites below or contact us at GreenCape.

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Case studies are always useful to show farmers what is happening in the agriculture sector. Below you will find descriptions of a number of renewable energy installation on farms. Most of them are in the Western Cape, but a few international examples are also listed.

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YouTube clips on renewable energy in agriculture:

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