This section is focused on small-scale farmers and urban agriculture.

Every household (farmhouse and townhouse) has some kind of organic waste and most of it is just going into the dustbin and then to landfill. Better options for organic waste disposal include using waste as a source of feed for earthworms. Earthworms then produce nutrient rich compost. This can be used for vegetable gardens in your backyard, community food gardens (or any form of urban agriculture) and even by small-scale community farmers. In addition, using organic worm compost improves soil quality and micro-organisms in the soil. Turning waste into a valuable resource means you also play your role in looking after the environment.

Earthworm farms can be small, household- scale units, or they can be big and supply a huge amount of compost every month for a vegetable garden. These earthworm farms can also be run as a business to help uplift the community in rural areas (see link for case studies).

Following this initiative will not only assist you through responsible and productive disposing of your organic waste, but will also save you money when it comes to taking care of your plants.

The wonders of earthworms & its vermicompost in farm production

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