This audit Check-list encourages barley farmers in South Africa to check his or her farming operations against the SAB Better Barley, Better Beer criteria. SAB has partnered with WWF-SA to develop a framework to support barley farmers to gain a deeper understanding of the value of sustainable agricultural practices.

Given the challenges of climate change, water risk and the threat to biodiversity, there are new initiatives developing in various industries to promote sustainable agriculture. This "triple bottom line" approach (which focuses on a balance between long term economic, social and environmental well-being) aims to strengthen the resilience of the soil and reduce risks such as flooding. “Better Barley, Better Beer” is intended as a user-friendly guide to enhance the economic value of the farm, protect the environmental integrity of the land and ensure sustainable socio-economic conditions. This audit check-list should be used in conjunction with the main reference document published by SAB and WWF: Better Barley, Better Beer: promoting sustainable agriculture in South Africa.

You can find a full document about the BBBB project below:



To complete the BBBB audit check-list download the document from the link below:

Better Barley, Better Beer Audit Check-list