Water Risk Management 

Blue North Sustainability have developed a series of Water Risk Management Solutions to assess and manage water risks across agri operations. 

The process is broken down into two initial steps:

  1. Water Risk Profiling: WWF's Water Risk Filter is used as a context-setting exercise. It is also a very effective means of assessing water risks across a number of different operations.
  2. Site-specific assessment: site-specific data is collected to calculate the water footprints of different commodities. This is an effective means of identifying water use trends within operations, and comparing water use against local and regional benchmarks.

The information and insights gained through each of these steps is then used to develop a comprehensive and site-specific Water Management Plan and Report. The Water Management Plan will cover all aspects of the operation. It is designed to be of long-term strategic value to the business, but it also caters to emerging compliance scheme requirements (for example, Global GAP V5).

The collection of data for each of these steps is facilitated through a carefully-designed data collection tool. Using this, Blue North is able to price competitively on this offering.

For a more detailed introduction, download the PDF presentation HERE or contact David Black (details provided at end of presentation). 

View Water Management Plan example