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GreenAgri is an information-sharing portal for all farmers, researchers, private and non-governmental agencies interested in smart agricultural practices - supporting green farming practices, balancing farming and conservation needs, resource efficiency and waste minimisation in the Western Cape.

Plans & Policies

Stay up-to-date with various agricultural frameworks, guidelines and policies that support the sector in South Africa. Included are the Masterplans developed by the Departments of Trade and Industry, Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development as well as Environment, Forestry and Fisheries

Agri Resilience

Learn more about topics such as sustainable practices, energy, water and agtech etc. and get answers to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) Find useful tips and online tools that you can use to implement more resource-efficient, climate-resilient green technologies and practices

Agri Directory

This directory will connect you to organisations and associations most relevant to the agricultural sector.
The case studies and projects also offer farm-level experiences of engaging with smart tech products and service providers

Agri Funding

Get to know what funding opportunities and incentives are available for anyone in the agricultural sector: farmers, researchers, tech suppliers etc.
Our business planning support also provides templates and strategies to maximise your success rate when applying


Find out more about Smart Agri – A Western Cape initiative to develop and implement climate-resilient agriculture plans and policies. SmartAgri has provided a road map for actionable and prioritised initiatives that will take the agricultural sector road towards greater resilience in the face of climate challenges.

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GreenAgri is a collaboration between the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and Greencape. If you need more information or need to engage with us on specific topics please visit our contact us page for more info.

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