International action plans and policies relating to South Africa's commitment to reduce emissions are listed in this section. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1988 when concerned governments wanted to address the implications of global climate change. In 1992 the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. The objective of the UNFCCC is to achieve stabilisation of the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent harmful interference with the climate system. The South Africa Government became a signatory to the UNFCCC in 1997 and thus the country became legally bound by the implications imposed by the agreement. The policies supporting these commitments are seen below:

Climate Change


National Climate Change Response Policy (2011)

This paper presents the South African Government's vision for an effective climate change response and the long-term, just transition to a climate-resilient and lower-carbon economy and society
National Draft Climate Smart Agriculture Strategic Framework for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (2018) The core objectives of the Framework are: i.) to guide actions at all levels of government, investors and development partners on mainstreaming climate smart agriculture (CSA) into DAFF plans, programmes and projects; ii.) to contribute to increasing productivity and growth of agricultural, forestry and fisheries related value chains with nutrition and gender considerations; iii.) to enhance resilience to climatic and weather shocks on the social, environmental and economic aspects of AFF production and food systems; iv.) to contribute to low carbon development through efficient use of agricultural, agribusiness, forestry and fisheries resources to reduce national emission intensity; and v.) to strengthen governance and institutional coordination for effective implementation of CSA Framework Programme at the national, provincial and local levels
National Draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (2019) The NCCAS provides a common vision of climate change adaptation and climate resilience for the country and outlines its priority areas
Provincial - Western Cape Green is Smart (2013) Green is Smart is the Western Cape's roadmap to becoming the leading green economic hub on the African continent
Provincial - Western Cape Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy (2014) This Strategy builds on the Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy and Action Plan (2008) in addressing climate change through mitigation strategies for GHG emissions and adaptation of the province's economy, people, ecosystems and critical infrastructure so as to socio-economic and environmental goals whilst reducing climate vulnerability
Provincial - Western Cape Western Cape Climate Response Framework and Implementation Plan for the Agricultural Sector (2016) This Plan was compiled to guide and support the creation of greater resilience to climate change for farmers, agribusinesses and other stakeholders across the province
Disaster Management
National Disaster Management Amendment Act (Act No. 16 of 2015) This Act amends the Disaster Management Act of 2002, to clarify policy focus on rehabilitation and functioning of disaster management centres, to align the functions of the National Disaster Management Advisory Forum to accommodate the South African National Platform for Disaster Risk Reductions; to provide for organs of state to assist the disaster management structures
National Drought Management Plan (2005) The Plan is based on key performance areas in institutional arrangements, integrated institutional capacity, disaster risk assessment and reduction planning, and response and recovery


South African Disaster Risk Management Handbook Series (2010)

This Handbook is a useful tool for developing and implementing a response and recovery plan for known priority risks
Provincial - Western Cape

The Western Cape Provincial Disaster Management Framework (2007)

This Act calls on the Province of the Western Cape to establish and implement a framework for disaster management