Why is it important to know which plants are invasive on your farm and why you must control them?

Invasive species are not indigenous to South Africa or a specific region and are therefore intruder species. The biggest concern regarding invasive alien plants is the large amount of ground water they consume which could rather have been used for irrigation of crops or for direct human consumption.

It is important to note that it is mandatory to control the invasive plant species on your farm and that failure to do so could have negative consequences. Before a farmer can sell his/her farm, the buyer of the farm must be notified if there are any invasive species on the property (NEMBA (2004): Chapter 5, Part 2, page 60, 73 (2)). If he does not comply with this, a fine could be issued.


The links below provide a list of invasive plant species in South Africa and the category they fall in:

Invasive Plant Species in South Africa

Landowner’s Guide to Alien Grasses

Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa

How can invasive plants be removed?

  • Physical Removal
  • Chemical Removal
  • And in some cases Biological

Removal Techniques

Management of Invasive Alien Plants

Best Practice Guideline

Visit the SANBI and CapeNature websites for more detailed information:



Conservation at Work

Regulations regarding invasive species in South Africa:

National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 2004, Alien And Invasive Species Regulations, 2014

Conservation  Of Agricultural Resources Act, 1983

Agricultural Pests Act, 1983


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