Conservation Agriculture Western Cape (CAWC)Bewarings LandBou Wes-Kaap -  serves as a forum where producers, researcher and related industries can discuss cinservation agriculture matters such as minimal disturbances of the soil, diversity through crop rotation and retention of residues. Sign up on for newsletters and Farmers Day for up-to-date news.


Regenerative Agriculture Association of South Africa (RegenAg SA) is a nonprofit, reducation and advocacy organisation that works to stop the catastrophic consequences of Industrial Agriculture by facilitating farmers and consumers in transitioning to Regenerative Agriculture. Visit the RegenAg website for more resources and to find other farmers, agronomists and suppliers who form a part of Regen's community network.



GrainSA provides various resources (videos, manuals etc.) and case studies of the experiences of grain farmers in Kwazulu Natal, Free State and Eastern Cape applying the principles of conservation agriculture

Resource Details

Website - grain research

Website - various resources & key role-players


No-till research tour videos (USA)

Various videos for a practical look at conservation agriculture practices


A series of informative videos (6) that serves as an introduction to the principles of conservation agriculture cropping systems.