This section provides you with actual tools you can use in your profession. It is aimed at industry producers, academic students, researchers or any other person with an interest in the agriculture sector. Some of the tools can help you in your day-to-day tasks on the farm, or help you measure your carbon footprint in the fruit and wine sector, while others can give you a breakdown of the entire agriculture sector in the Western Cape.

A few of them might be familiar to some users and others not so much, but instructions on how to use the tools will be provided in each section. Tools like Fruitlook, Cape Farm Mapper and Controlling Climate Change are some of the tools made available here.

All of the tools are internet-based, but some of the information can be used when you are not connect to the internet. Most tools are also compatible with smartphones so you don't need to carry your laptop around or sit behind a computer all day. You can be right there in the field while using them.