2019 Agricultural water allocations (WCWSS)

The allocations, done in November every year, calculate how much water will be allocated to the agricultural sector, depending on dam levels. Agriculture in the Western Cape Water Supply System (WCWSS) will receive 90% of the water they were receiving before the drought hit the WC three years ago, this translates to a 10% restriction. This is a decrease in restrictions from 60%. 

The new water allocations will help the agricultural sector recover from the impact of the drought. Rains in the 2018 winter season improved the system's storage capacity to 73.64% on the decision date, 1 November 2018, compared with 37.44% on 1 November 2017. The groundwater resource also improved significantly due to the 2018 winter rainfall. However, it is still necessary to limit the taking of water from the WCWSS in order to build resilience for the already stressed water supply system.

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