8 key industry trends in AgTech today

Agfunder News report that the agricultural field is no longer as conservative as we used to imagine. With the implementation of digital technologies, new biotechnological solutions and the leapfrogging development of robotics, agriculture has a brand-new reputation. Investors sure sense the potential: they poured $17 billion into Agri-FoodTech in 2018, according to AgFunder, which was 40% more than in 2017. The article further states that:

"Today, each component of an extensive food supply system is being digitalized. And in the future, each component could create new specific markets. There’s also a big need to increase the labor efficiency of agriculture, the quality of products and supply chain transparency. Agricultural businesses have many private contractors; how can the documents flowing between them remain transparent? Introduce digital signatures. How can we reduce fraud? Introduce computer vision into the supply chain."

The 8 key trends identified the main trends as:

1) Farming is shifting towards more informed decisions

2) The end of a "one size fits all approach"

3) AI-based farming contributes to better ecology

4) Shifting towards artificial food and vegetable meat

5) Digital agronomy and digitalized food supply chains in emerging economies

6) Consumer orientated food production

7) Moving food production closer to consumers 

8) Food delivery chain transparency

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