Aerobotics launches new product

A new agritech innovation launched by Aerobotics, will give farmers access to AI, which will detect the exact problems impacting their trees:
The drone captures high-resolution images of stressed trees (through NDVI), which then run through Aerobotics’ tree crop and vineyard pest and disease detection database. Using AI and machine learning, the technology makes it possible for pests and disease to be identified, which is then communicated via push notifications to the farmer. Once the system has detected problem trees that need further investigation and a scout route has been planned using AI, the application sends the route to a drone. The drone then takes off and fly's a custom-designed mission, locating trees which have been identified as experiencing stress. The drone then comes down to approximately 1m above the tree to take a high-resolution image. This image captures data at leaf-specific detail and then uploads it to the database. 
This has massive implications for the farming sector as early detection of these risks will enable early intervention, saving farmers costs, protecting crops and saving yields exposed to harmful pests and disease.