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Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Feed-In Tariff Map

In SA, 10% of all installed solar PV (~60MWp) is in the agricultural sector. The business case for investing in solar PV is strengthened when excess energy produced can be... Read more about 'Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Feed-In Tariff Map'...

2019 Agricultural water allocations (WCWSS)

The allocations, done in November every year, calculate how much water will be allocated to the agricultural sector, depending on dam levels. Agriculture in the Western Cape Water Supply System... Read more about '2019 Agricultural water allocations (WCWSS)'...

Startups aiming to improve the condition of agricultural soils

AgFunder News has put together a list of start-ups that are working on improving agricultural soils. These are in areas of:

Microbiome Technologies;
Cover Crops;
Soil Sampling Technologies; and
Water-Saving Soil Technologies.
Read the full... Read more about 'Startups aiming to improve the condition of agricultural soils'...

GIF funding opportunity for Blockchain projects

The Department of Science and Technology has a partnership agreement with the Global Innovation Fund (GIF).  GIF members will be visiting South Africa during 5 - 14 December 2018.  As... Read more about 'GIF funding opportunity for Blockchain projects'...