Training opportunities in energy: SAPVIA PV GreenCard Training | UNIDO Courses | IEMT - LIVESTREAM TRAINING

The SAPVIA Solar PV GreenCard Installers Training is a 5 day programme with 3 days theory and 2 days of practical installers work. 17-20 Aug 2020.

  • Over the 5 days candidates will be familiarised with the fundamental principles of solar, irradiation, annual yield, effects of shading etc., and typical components of solar PV systems such as PV panels, inverters, batteries, mounting structures etc., followed by the design and system integration and practical installation and commissioning of systems by using a small scale solar set-up at the training venue. In addition, system design and integration, planning of installation, and practically installing components, testing and commissioning of systems, documenting and evaluating an installation. Read more here.


UNIDO Training Courses. 17-19 Aug 2020.

Available Courses:

  • RECP – Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production
  • FSO – Fans Systems Optimization
  • PSO – Pump Systems Optimization
  • EnMS – Energy Management Systems
  • SSO – Steam Systems Optimization
  • MSO – Motor Systems Optimization

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Intoduction to Energy Management Training (IEMT). 21 Aug - 25 Spept 2020.

Introduction to Energy Management (IEMT) is for persons with limited technical knowledge, or those requiring an update on the latest techniques in the field of energy efficiency, covering the integrated requirements of electrical, mechanical, thermodynamics and energy engineering. This course is valuable if you have not yet mastered the calculations and more technical aspects.

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