Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Feed-In Tariff Map

In SA, 10% of all installed solar PV (~60MWp) is in the agricultural sector. The business case for investing in solar PV is strengthened when excess energy produced can be sold to municipalities.

The Western Cape Government (WCG) is focused on ensuring a supportive regulatory environment for SSEG across municipalities. This will enable solar PV systems to be grid-tied and feed in any excess electricity generated. Many municipalities already have the rules and tariffs in place for this and the remaining municipalities are being supported by the WCG and GreenCape. Find out what the tariff is in your municipality for your home or business using to map below. Find out more about installing solar PV.

You can view an interactive map regarding SSEG at this link. Select the municipality either by clicking on the drop-down box or selecting it from the map to find whether there is a feed-in tariff and what the tariff is. 

*Note that this is only applicable to users that receive their electricity from municipalities and not directly from ESKOM.