Sunshine power for Graham Beck Wines

At the end of 2016 Graham Beck installed 1200 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at the Madeba Estate in Robertson. The high solar irradiation experienced in the region together with the correct positioning of the roof reinforced the business case. The 312 kWp system will provide electricity to the estate for ~25 years. 

Benefits to the estate include:

  • Producing 16% of total consumption, which will result in savings of over R305 000 in the first year

  • System output is 469.8 MWh per year (enough to power 60 average houses)

  • Klip-lock roof installation with no roof penetration

  • Annually the system will save 254 tons of coal and avoid over 474 tons of CO2 emissions

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If you are considering solar PV and would like more information please feel free to contact GreenCape's free Energy Sector Desk for more details including available financing.