The Internet of Things in Agriculture - what does it mean?

Agfunder unpacks what the Internet of Things (IoT) means for agriculture. In short it refers to the use of sensors, cameras, and other devices to turn every element and action involved in farming into data. The aim of most agriculture IoT products is to enable farmers to use these insights to make operational decisions around planting, irrigating, harvesting and more.

According to a survey done by Alpha Brown (mostly focused on the US), farmers are generally unaware of the solutions available to them. Key finding from this survey include:

  • 10% to 15% of farmers are using IoT solutions on the farm across 3.1 billion acres (1.2 billion hectares) and 250,000 farms, and collectively they’re spending around $960  million (R12.8 billion).
  • Awereness is a major challenge to the uptake of such technologies with 68% in the survey hearing the term IoT for the first time. 

Read Agfunder report here for more information.