Water management innovations – opportunity to trial new technologies

As part of a pilot accelerator project funded by the Dutch Consulate General, GreenCape is currently working with two international companies that offer innovative water management solutions for agricultural users. The companies are looking for sites to pilot their technologies and, depending on their success in applying for funding, may be able to partly or fully subsidise a pilot project on a farm. A brief overview of the two technologies is given below:

  • An innovative irrigation water storage solution that aims to increase the productivity and climate-resilience of agriculture through managed aquifer recharge (MAR). Water is stored underground by recharging the aquifer through one or more injection wells – safe from evaporation and contamination - and then abstracted when needed during the dry season.
  • Niche soil moisture sensors that integrate with weather stations and go through a GSM- or LoRmA connection to a central database. The smart dashboard converts the data into a user-friendly image. The farmer can view the image on either a computer or mobile device to make real time farming decisions with the added data interpretation provided.

If you are interested in finding out more about these technologies, or potentially trialling either of the technologies, please contact GreenCape at water@green-cape.co.za.