Agri-food Systems: Facts & Futures (WWF 2019)

A new report by WWF identifies the key aspects in our food system that need to be addressed to ensure sustainability and resilience of the sector. The report looks at the current state agriculture, particularly it's impact on the environment. It further explores future scenarios when taking factors such as population increase and climate change into account.

The report emphasizes that transforming the system can only happen through various role-players working together: 

It is not easy to fix the current system, it is a complex socio-ecological system defined by the behavior of many actors.Image not found


WWF's approach to transformative change includes collective action with differentiated responsibilities for actors illustrated above. Key practices / actions identified to improve the resilience and sustainability of the sector are:

  • Water management and irrigation efficiency
  • Regenerative agriculture 
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Reducing food loss and waste
  • Dietary shift

Read the full report here (click).