Joburg | 12-15 Sept ’23



BRICS Future Skills Challenge

Energy, Water and Health – watch 100’s of BRICS youth apply future skills to solving our critical challenges.

Think of it as a multi-day online Skills Olympics or Hackathon competition. 100’s of BRICS Youth (16-35yrs) will be solving real-world problems in their specific future skill area.

Hosted by South Africa, the event will take place in Joburg over 12-15 September 2023.

This is an amazing opportunity for South African youth (16-35yrs) to:

  • benchmark their skills at a global BRICS level
  • gain access to cutting edge case studies and training
  • add global experience to their CV and job prospects
  • be recognised as one of the top South Africans in their field
  • get a certificate showing your participation in BRICS Skills Competition 2023

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Skills Areas For 2023:

South Africa will be hosting skills challenges in these areas:

  1. Aircraft Maintenance 
  2. Agri IOT 
  3. Building Information Modeling
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Data Science
  6. Digital Twin
  7. Drones
  8. Internet Marketing
  9. Manufacturing Robotics
  10. Mobile app development
  11. Renewable Energy
  12. Robotic Process Automation

Click below for a detailed description of each skill challenge. 

                                                          Skills Descriptions

Joining The Challenge

Once you have been selected to participate in the BRICS Future Skills Challenge, you will join 120 competitors from South Africa and 100’s more from other BRICS nations. 


Training will be provided for all BRICS competitors under the guidance of our experts. This will take place on Saturdays starting on 5 August 2023 until 2 September 2023. Webinars will be hosted during the training period in anticipation of the competition. 

The Event:

The competition will take place from 12 to 15 September 2023. 

Day 1: The BRICS Future Skills Challenge will officially commence with an opening ceremony and the first challenges of the competition.

Day 2: The skills challenges will continue requiring ongoing efforts and problem-solving from the competitors. 

Day 3: The competitors will participate in the Dragon’s Den component of the challenges – where the top 3 competitors from each BRICS nation will present their solutions to the judges.

Day 4: The event will be concluded with a closing ceremony and the handing out of prizes to the top achievers. Certificates will also be handed out to all competitors who participated in the BRICS Future Skills Challenge 2023

For any questions, watch our Info video or visit our FAQs page. Or you can sign-up for our Info Session on Thurs 8 June or 22 June at 4-5pm:

 Info video              FAQ page                  RSVP: Info Session

For information on the BRICS Future Skills Challenge, Click here