Imagining a Food Loss and Waste Roadmap for Cape Town

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Please join GreenCape for an interactive session which will introduce the concept of a Food Loss and Waste Roadmap to Cape Town’s strategic stakeholders. The workshop also aims to identify key stakeholders and initiatives driving food waste prevention, food recovery and food waste beneficiation; and to discuss the potential approach to a future Food Loss and Waste Road Map for Cape Town. 

GreenCape will use this workshop to gather information to assist the City of Cape Town in the development of the Roadmap. Such a roadmap will support the avoidance of food waste, and the diversion of surplus food or food waste from landfills, thus facilitating the transition to a more competitive and circular food system for Cape Town.

circular economy is an economy that designs out waste; regenerates ecosystems; and keeps products and materials at their highest use / value for as long as possible. Such an economy includes the circulation of biological nutrients within the urban landscape. To unlock the various elements of a circular economy, a number of policy instruments can be deployed by cities. These levers are vital for stimulating and enabling the transition towards a more circular food system. One of these levers is to Convene Towards Action, which is what is envisaged for this workshop.

Event Details

Date: Wed, 14 April 2021
Time: 10h00 -12h00
Audience: Strategic invite only
Platform: Virtual - details will be sent out closer to the workshop to those who RSVP
Action: Please RSVP HERE