Title Publication details Key words
Commodity value chain analysis of dairy - understanding climate risk WWF, 2016 climate change; climate risk; value chain 
The impact of climate change on the South African Beef Cattle Industry (ARC Presentation) University of  Pretoria, 2014  climate change; mitigation; greenhouse gasses
Grazing and Burning Guidelines: Managing Grasslands for Biodiversity and Livestock Production  SANBI, 2014 sustainable production; grassland ecology; biodiversity
Water and waste-water management in the Dairy Industry. Milk South Africa  Milk SA reduced water intake; waste-water disposal; processing; cleaning processes
Enteric methane in dairy cattle production: Quantifying the opportunities and impact of reducing emissions  Milk SA enteric methane; methanogen; feed efficiency; lifetime productivity; mitigation
Ethical consumerism and sustainable production  Milk SA animal welfare; improving efficiency; traditional systems; organic production; carbon footprint
Dairy cows and shade  WCDoA heat stress; animal welfare; increase productivity 



Title Publication Details Key words
Practical Soil Erosion Control and Veld Rehabilitation in the Little Karoo Ostrich Chamber, 2014 erosion control
Long Term Biodiversity Management for the South African Ostrich Industry Ostrich Chambers,2009 climate change; biodiversity; veld management; increase productivity
Tread lightly ostrich project Ostrich Chamber biodiversity; erosion; best practice  



Title Publication details Key words
Report on the testing and validation of the Biotrans Pole Sleeve for Livestock Feedlots Professor Albin AW Baecker, 2018 pole lifespan; rotten poles; environmentally friendly
Meat natural: Sustainable farming initiative Conservation trust, 2015 biodiversity hotspots; sustainable land-use; education
Sustainable Mohair Industry Production Guidelines: Pre-Farm Gate  Mohair SA biodiversity hotspots; sustainable land-use; sustainable production
Sustainability of the South African Livestock Sector towards 2050 Part 1: Worth and impact of the sector  ARC, 2013  biodiversity, livestock foods, livestock numbers, production, socio-economic impact
Sustainability of the South African Livestock Sector towards 2050 Part 2: Challenges, changes and required implementation  ARC, 2013 biodiversity, livestock foods, livestock numbers, production, socio-economic impact
A South African perspective on livestock production in relation to greenhouse gases and water usage  ARC, 2013 greenhouse gas emissions; socia-economic impact; water footprint 
Water use and nitrogen application for irrigation management of pasture production  WRC, 2012 efficient irrigation management; water use efficiency; optimum yield
Predators on Livestock Farms: A Practical Farmers' Manual for Non-lethal, Holistic, Ecologically Acceptable and Ethical Management Landmark Foundation, 2008 conservation; biodiversity


More climate change related research on livestock in various regions across the Western Cape can be found under SmartAgri's Briefs and Case Studies page.