The SmartAgri Plan includes six Priority Projects that have been chosen to catalyse the early adoption of important climate change response interventions with high impact. The set of six projects include both adaptation and mitigation activities that are critical components of creating a resilient agricultural sector in the short- to medium-term, and of beginning the transformative process which is required to ensure long-term resilience and sustainability in the face of continued climate change. The six Priority Projects were identified through extensive engagement with stakeholders and evaluation of each response option according to its scientific, agricultural and socio-economic merits. To reach their envisioned impact, the Priority Projects will require commitment and financial support from the public and private sectors, and from civil society. Jointly these projects will accelerate the implementation of the SmartAgri Plan.

The recommended Priority Projects include (more links coming soon):

1. Conservation Agriculture for all commodities and farming systems

2. Restored ecological infrastructure for increased landscape productivity, socio-ecological resilience and soil carbon sequestration

3. Collaborative integrated catchment management for improved water security (quality and quantity) and job creation

4. Energy efficiency and renewable energy case studies to inspire the transition to low- carbon agriculture:

    - Cutting carbon, cutting energy: The journey at Backsberg

    - Hydropower at L'Ormarins Wine Estate

5. Climate-proofing the growth of agri-processing in the Western Cape

6. An integrated knowledge system for climate smart agricultural extension