In this section the user can find a variety of useful information in various forms. There is useful tips where a short paragraph is written to explain a certain subject and give tips to the user on that particular subject. Then there is the online tools section which can be used to assist the users in sustainable farming practices and also help them better understand certain sub sectors. Most of the tools can also be operated from a smartphone.

Funding and incentives is the next sub section under Tips & Tools. We've put together a summary of various funding and grants available to the public with a short description and contact details to help the user make use of a certain fund.

All events happing in the agriculture sector that's linked to smart sustainable agriculture will be listed under events. This will mostly have a focus on the Western Cape, but there is also a number of national events listed.

Lastly under Tips & Tools you will find FAQ's on Smart Agriculture. This is exactly what the name implies, frequently asked question on smart agriculture. We've put together a list a questions related to sustainable agriculture that is mostly asked and provided a answer. The answer will in most cases have a link and possible contact details to ensure the user get what he/she was looking for.

Tips & Tools is a work in progress and we know we will not have all the answers from the start. We ask you, the user, to please inform us if there is any other information, question you need answered, events or any other tools you would like on the site related to smart agriculture. We will then do our best to provide it.

If you want more detailed articles or publications to read please visit our Projects & Research section.

Remember the information in this section should only be used as guidelines and not as actual principles. An expert in the specific field should be contacted before major decisions is made.