The useful tips section presents an overview on a variety of topics that could help you on your farm or provide you with new ideas to propel your business. Topics under this section include how to implement energy efficiency, how to adopt to renewable energy, composting, conservation agriculture, climate change, water management and even aquaculture. Through reference to relevant case studies (and the occasional video clip) we aim to show you how other farmers reaped the benefit from these technologies and/or practices.

As this portal can only present a broad overview of these opportunities, we encourage you to contact us at GreenCape for more information. Whilst we can’t claim to have all the answers to all the questions in the vast and complicated agricultural sector, we are certain we will be able to at least point you in the right direction.

If there is any other information related to smart agriculture that you feel we do not have listed here and would like us to provide it please visit the Your Input  section on the home page and provide us with your feedback or questions.

Remember the information in this section should only be used as guidelines and not as actual principles. An expert in the specific field should be contacted before major decisions is made.