Renewable energy, particularly solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, are increasingly being used in South African agriculture. This is predominantly driven by increasing electricity cost and unreliable supply from ESKOM, as well as, decreasing technology cost. The business case for investing in PV is also increasingly being understood. The ability to feed back into the grid when electricity generated from a PV system is not used is further strengthening the business case for systems below 1MWp (see SSEG tariff map link below). 

10% of all installed PV systems in South Africa are in the agriculture sector, with an estimated investment of R630 - R960 million in 2018. This amounts to a total installed capacity of 60MWp and is predicted to grow at 10% annually. The biggest opportunities are for sectors in agriculture that have constant high energy demand, such as cooling facilities. 

Below you can find useful links and publications to assist those looking to invest or expand their knowledge on renewable energy in the SA agriculture sector. For case studies on renewable energy in agriculture see this page (click) and for projects and research, see this page (click) on our website.  


The business case for solar PV in South Africa 2020

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Solar PV component pricing report 2020

GreenCape; 2020 (Industry Brief)

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GreenCape; 2020 (Industry brief)
Financing rooftop solar PV: Unlocking the energy potential for your business through innovative green finance GreenCape, 2019 (Industry Brief)
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Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Feed-In Tariff Map (Western Cape)  Western Cape Government, 2018 (Online Map)
PV GreenCard Industry led website to insure quality and safety of PV installations Website - Various resources, including key role players


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