Biological control (biocontrol) involves the use of a pest’s own natural enemies (parasites, predators and pathogens), whether introduced or otherwise manipulated, to suppress the pest population to an acceptable level. The word “pests” in this sense, includes diseases, insects, mites, nematodes and weeds and/or invasive alien plants.

The main reason for growth in this market is consumer demand for pesticide-free food. However, in South Africa, the uptake of biopesticides has been much slower than in developed countries. North America dominates the market, with a 44% biopesticides use in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Europe follows, and is expected to have the fastest growth due to increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Increasing pressure from international markets will affect South African exports, especially in the fruit and wine industry. This is a potential driver of growth in the South African biopesticides market. 

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