Question: What is the water levels in the Western Cape reservoirs?

Answer: Western Cape dam levels


Question: What is the state of our rivers in the Western Cape and South Africa?

Answer: South African River Health Programme


Question: Where can I do soil, water and plant diagnostics in the Western Cape?

Answer: Elsenburg Soil Water Plant Diagnostics

Contact details can be found at the link.


Validation and verification of existing water use

For frequently asked questions on the water validation and verification process visit this link.


Western Cape Drought


Q: How serious is the drought?

This is the worst drought in the region since records began. For the latest dam and consumption levels, please refer to the following resources:


Q: What is Government doing to address the drought?

A: All tiers of government are actively responding to the drought crisis through restrictions, reducing their own consumption, awareness raising, augmenting supply, amongst other interventions. For the latest updates please refer below:


Q: What can my business do to:

Start your business' sustainable water journey today to:

  1. Improve the understanding of our water use and risks
  2. Increase its water efficiency
  3. Reuse the water we use on-site
  4. Access alternative supplies of water
  5. Work with other businesses to build a better water future together