Cape Farm Mapper is a free web-based mapping application that gives you access to spatial databases and web services. You will be able to see where different types of farming is done in the Western Cape, and also access information on rainfall patterns, temperatures during the year, evaporation in specific areas, geology and much more. This web tool can help with agriculture practices, environmental management and farm planning. It allows you to edit maps (e.g. map out your farm/field), import or export maps, calculate the size (m² & Ha) or distance (m & km) of an area.

Some of the tool's features you can expect are:

  • Map navigation
  • SG Cadastre search: searching for a property by it's farm number
  • Layer view and query: you have the ability to choose specific data to view at a time
  • Data import and export: upload ordownload information to use in a map
  • Map printing

To use the tool click here

For more information:
Visit Elsenburg GIS